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Question   great photos!!!
i enjoyed the pictures. very nicely done....!

- Diana Zumini February 27, 2012

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Question   My friend
Beautiful work, Suzy Wuzy!! I love surrounding myself with talented people, and of course you are one of them. It's amazing what talent some people have and don't even know it. That's why I have so many friends...they don't even know how talented they are!
Thanks for sharing. Love ya! b

-  December 26, 2011

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Question   Beautiful
What a gift you have in capturing such a variety of beauty! Thank you for allowing us to share it! Look forward to seeing you again soon!

- Lauria Ness December 22, 2011

  Answer Thank you Lauria, I am glad you took time to look. I hope we will see you both again soon.

- Susan McNeill  December 23, 2011

  Answer In the complicated world we live in, it's good to find smiple solutions.

- Mitchell Mitchell  January 24, 2012

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Question   Great Photos
Fantastic Photos Susan! I love your website!

- Abi Bristow September 03, 2010

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Question   Gorgeous Photos
Love the photos!! Hope to see you guys soon! Lots of love The Marriotts

- Nick, Lyn, Keshia and Shelly Marriott January 30, 2010

  Answer Hello Marriots! Thanks for veiwing. Please check back in once in a while. Do keep in touch. Love Susan

- Susan McNeill  January 31, 2010

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Question   Thanks for sharing.
Your photos are just beautiful and show such a love for creation. Thank you for sharing with us. It makes us want to take more of our own! I am going to enter two of my photos in an art show we have at Bethel. We have a lot of talented artists here! I am not one of them but I can submit my digital photos.

- April Fredean January 15, 2009

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Question   fyi
great gallery you have here Susan.nice work

- Keith Butler November 09, 2008

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Question   Your photos
Susan, Thank you for preserving and sharing all the stunningly beautiful acts of creation you have seen. I will return again and again to enjoy the flowers especially. It is a "feel good" time that makes me pause to praise Jehovah. Keep up the great work!

-  January 22, 2008

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