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© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 13525437: 21-2012cabsav 2012 Vineyard and Harvest Photos        slide show (26)
From springtime into summer. Forest fire that left us with a month of thick smoke in the valley to fall harvest.
Our friends that love to get together for harvest time. Thank you to all of our dear friends for all your hard work and all the laughs and great memories. More pictures to be added.

© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 9801355: Burst! Design Elements        slide show (9)

© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 8659160: Owl Connected to a Leash Fauna        slide show (29)
Animal, bugs, birds, fish

© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 9732472: Purple Blue Hues Flora        slide show (39)
Trees, grasses, flowers, weeds

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© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 7675860: Feeling Re Created People        slide show (9)

© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 9769084: Beautiful Garden Entry Scenery        slide show (22)

© Susan  McNeill PhotoID# 7312378: Fall  Cabernet Grape Leaves Vineyard and Wine        slide show (7)
From planting to the finished product


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